Let us take energy, climate, and infrastructure (ECI) strategy
work off your plate.

Complete solutions to help you pull the right levers, progress your key initiatives, and do climate work with ROI.

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impactECI helps companies like these solve complex ECI challenges:

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You need to get
this right.

The energy, climate, and infrastructure landscape is changing quickly. Global energy market shocks, constrained electric systems, major infrastructure legislation & regulation, and expansion of environmental and climate focus is shifting the global economy to meet the demands of a decarbonized world.

But you don’t have the resources to get in the weeds of a large-scale ECI transformation — not without overburdening your team. And this work requires upfront capital, which means there’s a lot on the line.

impactECI is the guide to help you navigate this transition.

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With expertise in energy systems and an emphasis on precise models and quantitative impact, we provide the insights, planning processes, and capabilities you need to overcome the business challenges posed by the energy transition.

Sleep easy knowing your strategy work is in the hands of experts.

We understand not just energy systems and decarbonization strategies, but also the legal and regulatory relationships and accounting landscapes inherent to projects in this space.

And we’re well-networked with energy & sustainability solution providers. Engaging with us means tapping into a comprehensive resource of strategic ECI guidance.

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Get the right blend of depth and flexibility to accommodate your needs.

You need someone who can integrate where needed and hit the ground running — no endless review cycles and red tape here. To keep things focused, we never take on more than two major clients at a time.

You’ll be surprised by the responsiveness and thoughtful attention that goes into our work.

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Guide your team to a common outcome and go to your board with an answer.

We help you filter in the latest industry risks and opportunities along with new or upcoming regulations and legislation, and walk you through the case modeling and analysis so you can come to informed conclusions.

Then we give you the roadmaps, implementation tactics, and technologies that will support you along the way.

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Focus less on glossy presentations and more on hard-hitting business initiatives and projected ROI.


We’ll have an introductory conversation to assess the scope of the project and whether impactECI is a fit for your needs.

Diagnostic consultation

Then we’ll move forward with a 3-day engagement, during which we’ll create a detailed project and execution plan.


After we’ve proved our value, we’ll follow up with a proposal that includes timelines, milestones, and a cost analysis.


Once you sign the dotted line, the real work begins. Expect interim reports and working sessions to keep you informed along the way.

Large Advisories & Major Consulting Firms

A generalist approach.
Predefined solutions.
Review cycle after review cycle - racking up hours with very little value-add.
Incredibly expensive.
Planning processes from advisors who are in deep with energy systems and decarbonization strategies and understand the corporate drivers from both buyer and supplier perspectives.
Hyper-tailored solutions that take into account the energy, carbon, capability, and timing perspectives before progressing relevant benchmarks through financially-driven strate
Direct and focused relationships built around responsiveness and thoughtful attention.
Value-driven investment.

Based on your unique constraints, we’ll help you filter out the noise and identify the 10% of work that actually adds value.

impactECI gets your strategy work done.

First, Peter has really high-quality experience for the type of work that I needed, which is strategy, but more importantly, strategy in my specific industry.

Second, he is very analytical: He can write code, he can do complex financial models, he can manage data coming from many places and many people toward a common outcome. Third, he’s willing to bust his ass. He makes sure it gets done.

— Mike Nolan, VP U.S. Strategy at National Grid